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Your Customer Email Database

Leah Burdick is a partner and small business trainer for Fresh Buzz Tribe, an online marketing action center that provides live coaching and 24x7 sales and marketing how-to videos for small business owners. The partners at Fresh Buzz Tribe have helped Email Database more than 2,300 small business owners generate $57 million in new business revenue Be wary of companies that claim to be experts at email verification or email validation when all they really do is remove invalid Email Database domains. List hygiene is a multi-stage process and not as simple as it might appear to the average Joe. If you are going to trust a company with your entire customer email database, you must begin by doing your homework and asking the right questions.

 Some of which include the following: How long has your company been in business? How do you operate on a daily basis and manage the influx of Email Database lists? What software is in place to complete this service? Do you clean emails only or do you validate them as well? Do you have the appropriate server capacity to perform list cleaning orders in a timely and efficient manner? How many people Email Database have access to my data? Where is your business located? Is it run from a corporate office or from your living room?

What policies are in place to protect and secure my email data? After speaking to one of the list cleaning company's representatives Email Database on the phone, be sure to follow your gut instinct. If they don't sound knowledgeable about their own service or can't answer all of your questions without Email Database stumbling, avoiding your question, or giving you some nonsense answer, do yourself a favor and walk away. There is nothing worse than paying a non-legitimate company to steal your customer list or email database. Don't be lazy or afraid to do some basic research on the company you want to do business with. Go to the Secretary of State, 

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